With Jesus, For Nashville.

With Jesus, For Nashville. This phrase is simple, but it drives everything we do: to be those who work With Jesus, whose life death and resurrection have provided us with every good thing, and to work For Nashville and the flourishing of the diverse people who live here. If that resonates with you, go ahead and dig a little deeper by exploring more of the website or, even better, by joining us at one of our gatherings.

Join us every sunday at 10:10am in nashville. 1201 4th Avenue South.

Maybe you've heard the stories of Noah, Moses, and Jonah. You might even have a few Bible verses or hymns tucked away in your memory. Maybe you're a scholar or maybe you have never read the Bible at all. Whatever the case may be, we've realized that knowing these stories is a different thing from understanding the whole of what God has revealed through the Bible. If you have struggled to make sense of some of the crazy stories (and we know some of the stories are crazy!), or simply wondered how such an old book can possibly have relevance for your life, we want to walk alongside you on a journey toward better understanding the Bible. We seek to grow in our understanding day by day, and we hope you'll join us in doing the same.
Maybe you're asking yourself what biblical literacy even means. Simply put, we want to be able to think what the biblical authors thought when we read what they wrote. Clearly, we can't get inside their minds and have access to their exact thoughts. We can, however, give ourselves access to the body of literature that formed those thoughts. We do that by understanding how the scriptures hold together thematically. Nothing is more important to us than the Gospel--the message of God's completed work in Jesus Christ. That makes biblical literacy a top priority for us.

Even though understanding scripture is important, even that would be a waste of time if we didn't allow God, by his grace, to implement it in and through our lives. We are striving to build a community that is identified by our love for each other and the city.
We know this will be in large part the result of constant repetition. Good character and bad are formed this way, and culture is created this way. That means if we want to be identified by love, we better not wait around for it to happen by accident. We learn to love each other by meeting weekly in Groups and helping each other sort through the message from that Sunday. And we learn to love our city by serving regularly, investing especially right around where we meet. No strings attached! Email us to find out how you can link arms with us to serve sometime soon. It's a great first step in familiarizing yourself with Church.
We don't use this word lightly. And we don't use it because we think we are a movement already or a movement unto ourselves. Rather, we hope to join God in bringing about a movement through our work and the work of others: a movement marked by more and more people coming to know Jesus, and more and more churches being planted in our city and around the world.

Ryan's life (by the way, most of us call him "Coat") is about the work of understanding and implementing the Gospel and helping others to do the same. Before planting Church in the summer of 2012, Coat served in children's and student ministry, both speaking at events all over the southeast, and serving on staff at local churches in Kentucky, Texas, and Tennessee. His obsessions include Kentucky Basketball, languages, Benton's bacon, his V60, and getting better at guitar. He and Emily have been married just a short time and love spending their free time exploring new places to eat around Nashville.

Our groups are simple. We spend time together, talk about the message for the week, and help each other think through how to implement it in our lives. Once a month we set aside our meeting time to serve alongside different non-profits in the city rather than meeting together in the usual way. Since Jesus called us to be identified by love, we believe that this cadence is essential to our establishing a meaningful presence in Nashville.

On Sunday mornings at 10:10am, our church gathers together as one body to worship through songs, share in the Lord's Supper, and learn the scriptures. We keep it simple, observe the liturgical calendar, read scripture aloud, and make sure there is a clean, fun, safe, and instructive environment provided for kids as well. Most of us dress casually, and there's always plenty of coffee. Come a little early and we'll make sure you are made to feel welcome. 1201 4th Ave South, Nashville, TN. Child care available.

Rather than leaving you to figure out on your own how to follow Jesus, we want to help you. We'll pair you up with someone (men with men, women with women) who is a few steps ahead in the journey: someone who can explain the scriptures to you, answer your questions, and help you find your way toward Jesus. This environment offers an opportunity for greater transparency than any other, and can be a catalyst for enormous personal growth. Our hope is that every person who is part of Church will gravitate toward being part of this environment.